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To your health, Familiprix!

Familiprix is celebrating its 40th> anniversary.

And no, we don’t want to completely change our career or learn to play the electric guitar. Far from it.

Because after 40 years, we are proud to be the only banner in Québec that is entirely owned by its pharmacists. We consider ourselves privileged to share our day-to-day with you.

Helping you keeps us young at heart. It inspires us to remain caring, independent, and innovative.

Thanks to you, we can proudly say:
To your health, Familiprix!

At 40, we thought we would have a huge family.

A big family

With nearly 400 branches and over 6000 colleagues that work across the province, we can definitely say that we have succeeded!

Quebec pharmacist turning on the light

We’re in the driver’s seat

Since the very beginning, Familiprix is the only banner in Québec that is 100% owned by its pharmacists. This means that your healthcare professional is also an entrepreneur—an entrepreneur with a human touch who has created a local health destination that offers highly personalized health services.

Pharmacist with pregnancy test

We’re always there for you

Whether in branches, by telephone or online, pharmacist owners affiliated with Familiprix are committed to your health. With over 90 healthcare services, Familiprix pharmacists are ready to serve you.

40 years of caring and innovation

Ever since 1980, we work relentlessly to reinvent our know-how, improve our services and build the pharmacy of tomorrow.


The company is founded under the name Médico-Prix in Rivière-du-Loup.


The company’s name is changed to Familiprix.


The first New Brunswick location opens its doors.


Relocation of the head office to Québec City.


Familiprix begins its long partnership with Opération Enfant Soleil.


The company launches the AH! HA! advertising campaign, which was a resounding advertising success.


The company revamps its image and changes its logo to even better represent health being the heart of its mission.


The company launches the online renewal platform as well as its “Familiprix – My Pharmacy” mobile app.


Familiprix launches the national Familiplus rewards program.


Familiprix launches the My Diabetes app.


Familiprix receives an Entreprise Enfant Soleil Diamond certification to commemorate its 25-year partnership and more than $13 million in raised funds.


Familiprix starts an environmental transformation


Concerned about the environment, Familiprix is the first pharmacy brand plan to stop selling boxes of bottled spring water


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