Coach Joubenson

In some neighbourhoods, youth are more vulnerable to bad influences. Fortunately, there are also benevolent citizens who are completely changing the game. This is the case of Joubenson Choute, basketball coach at Jean-Grou High School. He was introduced to us by the director of the mini-basketball program. Joubenson is the Program Coordinator. This coach is a true model of devotion and makes a difference in the lives of many young people. For Joubenson, sports is not just a game, but an opportunity to pass on valuable life lessons.

Coach Joubenson

Joubenson lived and grew up in Rivière-des-Prairies for about twenty years. Involved in his community for a long time, everyone knows and appreciates him. Known as a successful coach, local players dream of being part of his team. Playing for coach Choute is about securing a place in the finals. He focuses more on discipline than technique and, obviously, the results are there. Despite his very competitive nature, victories are not his only motivation. What he likes most about his role is being able to help young people who need a role model and to be listened to. Coming from a tough neighbourhood, he was often surrounded by people getting into trouble. Fortunately, he met inspiring role models he didn't want to disappoint, his "older brothers.” It is therefore thanks to sports and the good advice of his elder brothers that he was able to avoid trouble.

" They have a tough character, and they fight for nothing. But not with me. I work a lot on discipline. " -Joubenson

Over the past seven years, Joubenson has coached the Secondary 4 and 5 women’s basketball team at École secondaire Jean-Grou. In many cases, lack of supervision and integration challenges influence young women, which can create some problematic behaviours. With a focus on discipline, respect and perseverance, Coach Choute says this is the best tactic to instill values that will go beyond the field. He would rather a player miss a three-point shot than disrespect a teacher. Disrespectful behaviour or academic sloppiness is synonymous with punishment on the bench for at least half a game. He does not take these measures lightly; he wants to ensure that they will start their lives with a good foundation. Despite his disciplined means of coaching, Joubenson manages to forge a sincere bond with the girls because he is committed to their development. He places his players at the centre of his priorities and is fully committed to their success. That's why the girls know they can count on him in case of trouble. The trusting relationship between players and their coach goes beyond the game.

" It is not just between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. that we may need help. " -Joubenson

When not on the field, he acts as a transition agent from primary to secondary school in the five Rivière-des-Prairies elementary schools (CSPI) and at École secondaire Jean-Grou. While contributing to their academic perseverance and success, his work is to provide support services to vulnerable students in order to facilitate their transition from elementary to secondary school. He supports the entire school environment in order to promote a better integration of students.

Coach Joubenson

Given that most elementary school children know Joubenson through mini-basketball, and that he really connects with them, principals naturally turned to him when the program to transition from primary to secondary school was set up in collaboration with Réseau Réussite Montréal. As a facilitator, he follows about sixty students who may not adapt well to changing schools. Whether it is because of anxiety, lack of organization, behaviour, hygiene, or home-related problems, these young people need additional support to prepare for this transition. He listens to them and advises them. Above all he offers them the most important thing: time. Anonymous conversations and casual exchanges allow them to really connect. Young people know that they can trust him. His help is not limited to a regular schedule. He offers help to any of his young people or their parents at any time of the day or night.

While many strive to their separate professional and personal lives, Joubenson is 100% committed to his young people. He has coached basketball teams since the age of sixteen while inspiring players to excel. Almost sixteen years later, between mini-basketball, the transition program and regular teams, he has touched the lives of so many young people in the neighborhood that his mere presence in the school helps to reassure students. His commitment, integrity and high availability make him a true model of caring. His selflessness will undoubtedly leave a mark on future generations, who will, in turn, strive to make a difference themselves.

« It is not just between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. that we may need help »
-Coach Joubenson

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