The Driver

Despite their relevance, government programs cannot cover all of society’s needs. Fortunately, we can count on dedicated volunteers who cheerfully offer their support. After spending his entire life leading organizations to success, Maurice Collette is now a volunteer driver for Baladeur René, a low-cost group transportation service for seniors with reduced mobility that aims to break isolation. Maurice's career path is amazing. Now retired, he gives back to the community in a beautiful way. The president of Baladeur René introduced us to him. Maurice is very dedicated to helping others. In fact, he was awarded the Lieutenant Governor's Medal for Seniors, which recognizes the volunteer commitment of those who have made a positive impact in their community.

Maurice The Driver

In addition to his involvement with Baladeur René, Maurice is also the treasurer of a foundation for the blind, he works to raise funds for the diocesan pastoral activities, and is president of a choir in which he also sings. He also holds various senior positions in other organizations. Really, at 75, he's still in on the action! It must be said that Maurice is accustomed to busy schedules. He began his career in the Canadian Armed Forces, moved on to teaching and then to arts administration. He then spent twenty years in the field of securities finance and retail management. At the time of his retirement, he was President of Gestion privée Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton. All of this success has never gone to his head. On the contrary, he is grateful and scouts out opportunities to be useful to his community.

" I'm not happy because people here aren't nice.” " -Passenger of Baladeur René

Much more than just a driver, Maurice helps people who, like him, still have a lot to offer—the elderly who are often left behind. Maurice's mission is to break the isolation that these people experience by transporting them from one activity to another once a week. Wishing to offer them a personalized service, he calls them one by one to plan the day before departure, then takes care to pick them up directly at their doors. Bus rides are an opportunity for Maurice to chat with his passengers—and detect the problems that bother them. Whether it is cases of abuse, unsuspected illnesses or any other confusing situations, Maurice is constantly attentive to clues. If any of them feel uncomfortable, Maurcie perceives it, asks the right questions, and then takes the necessary actions to remedy the situation.

" If you hadn't come to get me, I would never have been able to get out. " -Passenger of Baladeur René

The people he transports often suffer from loneliness. Group outings are sometimes the only time of the week when they are in contact with others. The weekly destination for bus rides is the community center for seniors where activities await them. During the year, several other outings are organized, such as a visit to the sugar shack, the museum and much more. By being in touch with each other, they give each other nicknames, develop affinities and become friends. This is how isolation is broken—by forging new relationships. Maurice wants his passengers to feel good. He gets a lot of recognition for this involvement; however, he does it for pleasure and, of course, pleasure is mutual.

Maurice's curriculum is impressive, but his devotion is even more so. Rather than enjoying a well-deserved retirement, he is fully involved in his community. His involvement is far from passive. Maurice's modesty, kindness and commitment make him a true model of caring. This means that you can give your best at any age.

Maurice The Driver

« If you hadn't come to get me, I would never have been able to get out. »
-Passenger of Baladeur René

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